8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses

You have nothing to lose. This course helps you to rediscover the beautiful person inside.
— Michelle, doctor

The most popular way to learn mindfulness worldwide today is the 8 week course. This well-structured series of eight weekly classes is suitable for everyone, guiding participants into a deepening exploration of  mindfulness in a supportive group environment.

The 8 week course is an ideal way to experience the benefits of mindfulness and to significantly increase our well-being and quality of life.

The mindfulness course has given me hope and a new perspective on life.
— Ruth, company director

Free Introductory Evenings

In advance of each 8 week course we offer a free introductory evening where you can get a taste of what mindfulness is and meet us. For those people who have already booked on the course, this provides an overview, some initial experience of mindfulness practice and a glimpse of what mindfulness can offer you. If you are not yet ready to book, coming on this introductory evening will answer your questions.

The course has given me the opportunity to reflect on life in general. To slow down, pause and be more aware of my surroundings and thoughts. A wonderful 8 weeks!
— Ruth, retired teacher

What to expect in the course

Each week is based around a certain theme and introduces different aspects of mindfulness. The overall structure is pragmatic and practical, looking at how mindfulness can help us in our daily lives.  Guided meditations using the body and breath bring the mind back to the present moment and help us become more aware of what is actually happening in our experience. Inquiry is another aspect of the course, involving dialogue between teacher and participants using gentle questioning to explore our experience more deeply. Throughout the course we emphasise the importance of being comfortable, taking care of ourselves and only taking part in activities if we feel we can.

Excellent course. So much we do is on autopilot. This helped me take more notice of what is really happening. Many thanks to you both.
— Claire, guest house owner
I would have no reservations to recommend this course to any of my patients struggling with the impact of stress in their lives. The course is put together in a very professional way to benefit people.
— Anja, osteopath

The group as part of the course

The usual size of a group is about 10 – 20 people. Working together in a group is important as we are all able to support each other’s learning within a safe and confidential space. It can be helpful to realize that we are not alone in our struggles and can also be inspiring to share with others how we are integrating the practices into our lives. For some people being in a group of this size can be challenging, especially at first. While there is an element of pair work and whole group enquiry, all aspects of the course are optional and there is no requirement to share in front of the group. If being in a group poses a big challenge then it may be worth considering the option of doing the course one to one. Contact us to find out more about this.

I found the discussions very helpful. It was interesting to hear the others reactions. It gave an added dimension. I also found the silent periods helpful. There were less distractions and more opportunities for it all to ‘sink in’. It was very calming.

I think that it is very helpful to learn to really experience the body. I find it is an anchor to return to when difficulties seem to be threatening to overwhelm me. 
— Anne, retired midwife


At present our courses are held in English. We always aim to offer participants the option of pair work in Welsh if they wish, however this depends on the make-up of the group.

This course has really helped me to turn around my life. It has enabled me to pause and given me the space to breathe and begin to live my life to the fullest.
— Bev, artist

The All Day of practice

The All Day Session is held in the second half of the course and is a wonderful opportunity to deepen and enrich our mindfulness practice. We encourage all participants to attend if they can. We guide all the different practices we have been learning through the course and introduce some new practices too. We are available if anyone needs to talk during the day but otherwise it is held in silence until the last hour when there is a chance to share anything we may wish to about the day. Please arrive in good time for a 9.45am start and bring a packed lunch. Other refreshments are provided. 

This course has helped me to learn to accept what is happening in this present moment; to experience it. I’ve learnt to notice the small things such as the birds tweeting, the smell of cut grass and the sound of rainfall.
— Lorraine, Beauty Therapist

Commitment and Home Practice

The practice of mindfulness is a way of being—it is not information you learn. Therefore, it calls for commitment. The 8-week course can be surprisingly demanding and it requires regular daily practice. Generally you will be encouraged to practice for at least 30 minutes most days for the two month duration of the course. If you are not able to make this commitment at this time, and if you know you are likely to miss two or more of the weekly sessions, we suggest you postpone taking the mindfulness course until you have the time to devote to it. This is so that you can get the most benefit from the course.

Make sure you put aside sufficient time to undertake the practice required on a daily basis. Question yourself as to whether the timing of the MBSR course is right for your emotional situation – as you will undertake a lot of self-examination.
— Sian, accountant

What to bring

It is good to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes. We will provide mats, cushions and some meditation stools, but you may wish to bring your own yoga mat and cushion to make yourself more comfortable. Please bring a blanket to keep yourself warm when we do lying down meditation. All of the meditation practices are accessible for everyone and can be done in any posture that is comfortable for you, so if you have difficulties with lying, sitting or doing gentle movements then it is fine to adapt the practice to suit your own needs. We are happy to give guidance on this.

Remarkably useful and enlightening. It won’t be easy at first but gets to seem more natural.
— Roger, retired teacher

Support during the Course

The teachers will be available to participants during the course to respond to questions or concerns by email and by telephone (by appointment).

Undertaking a course of this type offers an opportunity for change and change can be challenging at times. It is considered wise to be in a relatively stable phase of your life when doing the course rather than attempting it soon after a major upheaval or loss. The teacher is there to support your learning; however, we encourage you to consider if you may need extra support in place to help you get the most out of the course. If you have a counsellor, therapist or mental health worker it is a good idea to discuss the course with them.

Thank you both so very much for my “new tools” and the love, support, encouragement and care you gave me whilst guiding me through this wonderful experience. I shall be recommending your future courses to everyone. Mindfulness is the best gift you can give yourself. Just do it and rejoice!
— Carole