One to One mindfulness

The course felt as if it was written with my life in mind. 
— Cynthia, student

Mindfulness is most often taught in a group because of the benefits that format brings to the learning process.

However, for personal reasons (e.g. practicalities of attending a course or issues of emotional or physical health), sometimes individuals prefer to learn mindfulness on a 1 to 1 basis with a teacher.

Several of the Gwynedd Mindfulness Teachers offer this way of learning, some of whom are also counsellors or psychotherapists.

The particular teacher you choose will discuss with you how will go about this together.

Depending on your circumstance and needs and the particular teacher involved, you may choose to focus solely on learning mindfulness in individual sessions or to combine this with a therapeutic  counselling or psychotherapy approach.

The one to one course is very beneficial. It allows you to ask questions and to be able to explore all aspects of the course. I can highly recommend it to anyone. 
— Simon, sales engineer

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