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Heather Bolton

Heather is a registered psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher. She first trained as a counsellor in the late 1980’s and has many years experience in supporting people with a variety of life challenges.

She feels she has benefited a great deal from mindfulness herself since her first 8 week MBSR course in 2004 and has increasingly integrated mindfulness into her personal and work life. She originally trained to incorporate mindfulness into her individual therapy work as a Gestalt Psychotherapist but from 2012 began to teach mindfulness in a group setting.

She has taught an average 5 eight week mindfulness courses (MBSR,MBCT or worked-based courses) per year since then in various settings.

She has worked for CMRP (Centre for Mindfulness and Research and Practice) in Bangor University, running courses for the general public and for particular groups such as the elderly. She has also work extensively for MIND with individuals suffering from a range of stress and mental health related difficulties.

Heather is available to offer MBSR, MBCT or work based 8 week mindfulness courses. She is willing to consider developing and teaching bespoke courses for particular interest groups. She also works individually face to face teaching mindfulness or integrating it with psychotherapy. Heather is enjoying developing ways to take her individual and group work outdoors when appropriate.

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