Jody Mardula

Jody has been interested in Meditation since the late 1960s and it has contributed greatly to how she has lived her life and how she now manages some of the challenges of later life and the impact of a brain injury. 

As a qualified psychotherapist she integrated mindfulness into her work and has several published chapters and articles on Mindfulness and Individual Therapy.  Working for the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practise she trained many Mindfulness Teachers and Supervisors and delivered Courses for Therapists on Mindfulness in Individual Therapy, leading the Centre as Director from 2008-12.

She has been teaching Mindfulness Courses, MBSR and MBCT since 2002, now offering MBSR courses through Gwynedd Mindfulness with her colleague Heather Bolton.  She also offers one to one mindfulness individually, over the phone.