What we offer


We offer a broad variety of Mindfulness Based approaches for both groups and individuals in various settings. Do contact us if you wish to discuss which approach may best suit your needs.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Most people start learning mindfulness through taking the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course. This is an 8 week course designed to promote well-being and reduce stress

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
A course designed to reduce relapse in people experiencing depressive episodes

Breathworks Mindfulness for Health
A course particularly suitable for people living with on-going pain, illness or fatigue

Mindfulness in the Workplace
A shorter course adapted for bringing relevant Mindfulness skills into the worklace

Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting
A course for expectant couples to help them meet childbirth and parenting with greater resources

Mindfulness for Young People
A course tailored for the specific needs of teenagers and young adults.

Mindfulness in Nature
A course on Mindfulness in the outdoors.

One to One Mindfulness
A bespoke Mindfulness course to suit an individual or offered as part of one to one therapy. 

Taster sessions
Sessions for groups or individuals to give a taste and overview of what Mindfulness has to offer

Follow up courses and sessions
Drop in regular monthly sessions or a 6 week course 'Staying Mindful', providing support for ongoing practice.

To find out more about pathways of training to teach Mindfulness contact the Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice