Breathworks Mindfulness For Health

Deep teaching delivered in a warm and welcoming environment. Everyone felt included and valued from day 1. The course has given me a different outlook on life – more harmonious, peaceful and less stressed.
— Mererid

Breathworks is a mindfulness training organisation which was inspired and set up by a woman called Vidyamala Burch. She sustained severe back injuries as a young adult and has lived much of her life with on-going pain and disability. The Mindfulness for Health course arose out of her own experiences of using mindfulness to manage her condition and to help her live as well as possible even in the midst of difficulties.

The course runs over 8 weeks and shares much in common with the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course. It is particularly designed for people who are experiencing on-going pain, illness, fatigue or stress that is impacting on their health. As such it has a very gentle approach and explores the key practice of bringing a kindly awareness to our experience whatever it is. The research tested methods give people the potential to improve and transform their quality of life.

The course is accompanied by the book  ‘Mindfulness for Health’ by Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman. In 2014 this was awarded the best popular medicine book by the British Medical Association.

Tara is a certified Breathworks teacher and brings her own first-hand experience of living with long term pain and illness into her teaching.

Tara is a true inspiration, a warm and capable course leader.
— Ruth
I would have no hesitation in recommending the course and Tara to anybody!
— Hannah

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